Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Re: The problems as I see it.... Pentax, or is it Ricoh

Richard wrote:

REShultz wrote:

I've read numerous times in the past few days that smaller DSLRs are the future because they 1) are some of the best performers and 2) have low entry prices.

If this were the future, and these cameras will be a happy median between size and performance, I wonder why Pentax with its excellent primes hasn't taken more of this market segment? A very affordable K-30 with some limited primes (some are expensive, some cheap like the 35mm) is a beast of a setup and yet doesn't seem to be very mainstream.

This setup seems like a perfect compromise. If it isn't selling, that suggests that there really are two markets out there-- one for DSLRs and one for mirrorless-- and that we might want to stop prognosticating the end of either system.

The problem with Pentax is 2 things, first, no path to FF.

One could equally say that neither Canon or Nikon have an upgrade path to 645,

I hear now there are rumors of a full frame. So in the past even if you considered this brand you did not know if they would produce a FF. But the rumor has it they will make one with the same sensor as the D600 yet they are going to charge $2800. The D800 is selling for $2800 right now, the Pentax will not sell.

Second... consumer confidence. Is it Pentax or.. uh... Hoya... or uh... Ricoh. So while it seems like a decent product, it has some major issues.

I thought there were only two issues but I thought, hmm, lets see what it would cost to replace my lenses. What I found is that the comparable lens from Pentax were much more expensive than Canons and that Pentax does not have my favorite go to lens the 70-200 2.8 or the 24-70 2.8

It did not cover my Nikon14-24 2.8 either nor a fisheye (there may be some 3rd party alternatives). I was not sure if any of these lenses were full frame.

IMHO, there are a lot of reasons NOT to buy this system over the Canon or Nikon if you a pro or advanced amateur.

The K300 at $570 is not a bad deal for entry level or for the masses and it has some great features that the Canons and Nikons don't have in entry level at that price, but, no migration path to FF (only rumor), more expensive lenses, less lens choice and I am not sure where this company will be in a few years so an informed buyer would be turned off. The mass mentality buyer is probably going to get a Canon or Nikon. You mention Pentax or Ricoh... they will probably say huh?

So while it has potential, I can see why it is not a major player. That does not mean it is not a good camera or choice for entry level, it just mean it will probably not sell the the masses or to the advanced amateur or pro, so it is relegated to a niche market.

The problem with Pentax has more to do with the conservative nature of the owners up until they were bought by Hoya. They were, in the early 1960s the dominant player in the camera market, and stayed competitive up until auto focus SLRs. They fell behind in the performance categories that marketing likes, though their lenses were the best you could get from Japan.

For the past 30 years they have been late to market and always somewhat behind technologically. Interestingly, they were one of the first companies to show a full 35mm frame format DSLR, but it didn't make it to market due to poor sensor performance. It was the same sensor that killed Contax and Kyocera.

Some of Pentax's lenses are more expensive, others are less expensive than their competition's lenses, but their lens line up is unique and unmatched by any other manufacturer. The system is perfectly usable for professional work, full frame or not. If full frame mattered that much, no one would be buying 4/3 format.

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