Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Re: The problems as I see it.... Pentax, or is it Ricoh

I had a great big long post written to answer this but it was eaten by the internet. But the gist of it was that I didn't buy the K-30 because I wanted a DSLR and a path to FF pro/advanced amateur nirvana. I was just looking for a better camera than my point and shoot ( or my iPod camera, which actually takes better pictures), for blogging, making references for drawing and painting, and my own amusement. I expected to buy an advanced compact or some kind of mirrorless camera, but none of them matched the combination of desirable focal lengths, large sensor, and optical viewfinder that I found in the K-30, at anything close to the price I paid. (Which was much less than the $570 quoted above, including the weather resistant kit zoom.)

I wasn't looking for a DSLR. If you had asked me when I started shopping I would have said I didn't want one. But the compact/mirrorless market failed to show me what I wanted at at a competitive price, so they lost a customer. (Admittedly, we are talking about a customer who already loves the Pentax brand and has a cupboard full of classic lenses ready to play with, but even so, I would have preferred a smaller camera.)

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