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Re: I'm with Ray on this one

Ray Ritchie wrote:

I wasn't offended by the original post. I simply didn't think your sample image was large enough to show the point you were trying to make, especially since you didn't post any comparison.

I don't think Frank was posting a major review of the lens!

Your opening quote in the OP was "The G model is fine tuned for digital, but the 85/1.4D paints with a vintage brush that delights my Old School sensibilities."

I would disagree with the interpretation that the 85 f/1.4G is "fine tuned for digital" - I simply think it's an improved design.

I think Frank was simply expressing how he likes this older lens and enjoys using it, of course the newer G lens is optimised for today's cameras which are largely digital. Why would anyone buy it if it wasn't updated.

The forum has few enough regular posters, and even fewer that post any photos.


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