If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

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Re: Square format sensors

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I'm a fan of the idea of a square sensor too (albeit not knowing how practical it is). It would really make Fuji's offerings stand out form the crowd, when even FF is a bit me too.

With reference to the OP, it read as yet another 'Why aren't Fuji doing FF?" post. There's certainly some danger it becoming one ;-). What did the Sony RX1 do to the X100(s) sales? And should they then do a FF fixed compact version themselves? Seems analogous, although I don't have an answer!


The square format made a lot of sense with Rollei TLRs, Hassselblads, and the like, because it meant that you could use a lightweight folding waist level finder on those cameras and avoid the use of a large, heavy eye level prism. Given that most people crop their photos to a rectangular format, the costs of making larger sensors, and EVFs, a square sensor doesn't make too much sense now - unless you are one of the few people that likes to make square prints.

I had a 6x7 back on my baby linhof and later a Mamiya 7. 6x7 was a very pleasing format/ratio. Fuji used to make a GSW670 and 645 cameras.

The idea behind a square 24x24 with a 24 or 32mp sensor is to have enough power to slightly crop it to this format. (4:3 or 7:6 ratio).

Built in options for multiple in camera crop modes would be cool. This way the camera could be held in a stable horizontal postion in order to get a vertical image.

Funny thing is Sony filed a patent for a sensor that can be rotated between horizontal and vertical orientation. I think a square sensor with enough power for cropping would be an easier way.


Maybe one day one of the camera makers will introduce a macro (not micro) four thirds sensor, based on a slightly cropped down 24x36 sensor with a 4:3 or 7:6 ratio in order to avoid qualtiy problems with wide angle range finder lenses and cuts down production costs based on the higher waver yield of this format.

Images used commmercially in ads and mags are mostly vertical images and rarely in a 2:3 format.

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