Suggestions for M4/3 camera

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Re: Suggestions for M4/3 camera

Thanks for your answers Bob!

Do you care whether it has an EVF, and if so whether it's built-in or removable?

I'm fine with just an LCD so long as I can use it to frame in sunlight.

Do you have a strong preference for DSLR style vs. rangefinder style?

Hmm, this I have not considered. I've never used rangefinders. This refers to the means of focusing, is that correct? I think I'm Ok with the compact/DSLR style cameras.

What do you consider "high" ISO (800, 1600, 3200....)?

I would consider 3200,6400 etc high ISO. The D40 gives decent (by my standards) images at 1600.

Do you shoot JPEGs, or process raw files?


At that price range, you're probably not looking at the latest generation, but at the image sizes you're talking about that's not as critical. The GX1 is a decent choice at that price range, as is the somewhat larger (but better ergnomically) G5. Both are being superseded by newer models, and are dirt cheap right now. Both will provide similar image quality.

Thanks. Yes, I'm likely to buy refurbished or older models. I'm fine with that if the specs meetup.

The Olympus Pen E-PL5 is also worth considering, although if you want an EVF it will push the cost above your budget. It has a newer, lower noise sensor design. How much difference that will make depends on what you consider "high" ISO.

Thanks. I will check out the Pen E-PL5. (For me if I can push the camera to 6400 and get decent images, I'll be delighted. But I guess I'll have to invest in a prime lens...

The E-PM2 is smaller than the others mentioned, but you'll find the controls less convenient, I think.


Oly cameras are known for their more saturated jpeg output, which many (most?) people seem to like better. Jpeg output can be customized with the camera menus, though, so Panasonic jpegs come close if you set the camera up that way.


Oly's older cameras (the E-PM1, and an P or PL body prior to the "5" bodies), have a much older 12 MP sensor design that is noticeably inferior in term of noise.

Good to know.

So, if you frequently shoot above ISO1600, the Oly E-M2 or E-PL5 are probably good choices. Up to 1600, I think the GX1 and G5 will do fine, and leave you more money for things like lenses. If you want a built-in EVF, the G5 is your choice, but it's not really pocketable unless your jacket has big pockets.

Thanks again for this very detailed run down!



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