When was the last time anyone print your pictures?

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What is a purpose of printing?

I printed last time, maybe, 18 month ago. I give some files of my doughtier to grandparents on a thumb drive to print at BJs from time to time. Their generation prefers tangible prints, but those are 5"x7"s.

I have a few prints displayed around the house. They are printed at home at 13"x19" and nicely framed. That was about 18 months ago when I updated them.

There are many other ways to share your work with others. I have a website, I post some of my photos on Facebook for my friends to see (and all my Facebook friends are real fiends of mine and not strangers). If I want an opinion of fellow photographers about some particular photos, I post them on these forums for critique. I sometimes bring slideshows to parties to display on iPad or on a TV.

A few years ago I divided one of my photos into 12 parts, printed them border-less on 12 letter size pieces, framed in thin-border frames, and made a nice - looking collage.

It was assumed that large-format printing is the way to judge technical qualities of photographic work, and evaluate cameras and lenses. It is now replaced with 100% viewing on computer monitors.

A friend of mine does sometimes shoot events (weddings, etc.) as a side job. He says that his customers are only interested in digital files, and hardly anybody wants to pay for prints. He has to specify in the contract the price (rather high) for the full-resolution digital files, and obligation of the customers to buy certain quantity of them.

In conclusion, printing is not dead yet, but with proliferation of different ways to display and share your work, printing became somewhat a hermetic art.

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