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Re: Needs mood

andrewgallucci wrote:

2. pretty sure there is a strong vignette going on with light rays and plenty of mood. I noticed everyone here puts too much emphasis on titles. So im really baffled at what it is youre looking at on your computer.

Andrew, I'm sure you know by my comments on some of your posts that I think you're a very talented, accomplished photographer. This response isn't about your photographs though. In two posts now you've touched upon respondents relying on the post's title in their response. Above you write that they put too much emphasis on them. I'd suggest that they just put more emphasis on them than you do. For most of us ( I hope I can speak broadly and accurately here) the title gives us the context to understand the photograph. Has anyone ever just posted a picture, no title, no comments, just a picture? If they did, what would most of us think? I think my first question would be, Why did they post that? My second question would be, What kind of response are they expecting? The title is the first element that begins to build the context we understand the photograph in and helps formulate ideas and responses. I remember a recent post where the photographer said he was trying High Key http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51580368 and truly that were't high key at all. And the responses hopefully helped him understand better what high key is and how to capture it.  In this post there are no OP comments, just the title. Now suppose he hadn't mentioned high key in the title. He'd have gotten back responses like nice pictures, or I like photo 2 the best.  And he'd go thinking he'd done such a good job of capturing high key, because that was his intent, even if he didn't express it to the group.

Point being, the title really is used by most of us to understand what we see and to frame our responses accordingly.

Look forward to your next post, truly enjoy your work.


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