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Re: I'm NOT with Ray on this one

Regarding contrast, I was referring to the contrast (lighting) on the face. It's not a particularly strong lighting ratio. One of the things some advocates of the older AFD lens point out is that they prefer its skin tone rendition. This is often based upon the contrast signature differences in the skin tones. As for my natural light comment, I think your typical near wide open shot outdoors with definite "bokeh in the background" would show the differences (I won't say advantages or disadvantages) more than this shot ever would. I've shot this type of shot - lots - and I could produce an identical result using any 85mm lens in this discussion or even the 70-200/2.8G VR-II zoom set to 85mm. While we won't ever truly know because, as you said, there aren't comparison shots, I fully and completely stand by my original point and my stance; this is not a shot that shows the differences (or strengths/weaknesses) of the AFD lens, no matter how much Uncle Frank may like to cling to the past. Sorry.


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