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Re: Here is an honest asessment

Craig from Nevada wrote:

I think the question of migration is an interesting one. Sony does EVF and nothing else. I understand that ditching the OVF saves a lot of money per unit.

The question is how long before Nikon, Canon and Pentax follow?

Well some commentators believe it is inevitable, it will undoubtedly creep from their entry level bodies up through the ranks, it may never be in every body... but only time will tell. Sony is an electronics company it is easier for them to incorporate these technologies than traditional optical companies.

I think an Olympus user considering switching has to consider this question. You may wind up dumping your gear and end up at the same place in 5 years or with a choice of some very high end cameras.

Do you mean switching to Nikon or m43rds, you are right if you mean in general, yes in time you may face the EVF from every manufacturer.

If the focus is respectable, I think most FT users will give it a try. It is a cheaper solution than switching systems.

Look at all the polls that have been conducted here, if they represent some type of average there is more demand for a performance camera than any other. It is unlikely we will see a step back with the 43rds compatible body, it is more likely if the technology is ready we will see an improvement, if not, we will see something more traditional like a DSLR or SLT style design (But with the SLT mirror acting like a DSLR.

I am happy where I am at and the frankly, it may be some time before I buy another camera. I would like a 14-35mm and a perhaps a 150mm, but those are out there a ways.

Like yourself I am really very content, a body I can use both sets of lenses would pretty much leave me in a very content place. I am quite interested in the 35-100, more then the 14-35... But it is hard to justify when the 12-60 and 50-200 are so good.

alatchin wrote:

If olympus can pull it off, and by "it" I mean full AF compatibility with a simple MMF3 in the box or maybe a slightly more robust version (again in the box) then here is how it will work:

There will be those who wanted a traditional OVF without compromise and they will change systems to Pentax, Nikon or Canon.

There will be those who wanted one, but then the see the size and performance of the new VF4 they will admit the benefits of the new technology and live with the adjustments to the EVF.

Now from my perspective, if the AF has no compromise and even improves on the PDAF of the E-3 then what is the actual loss to 43rds users beyond the OVF?

We gain the benefit of a whole slew of primes some really quite exceptional... Think about it, for $1500 we get the body but also access to:

12mm f2
14mm f2.5

12mm F1.4 (SLR magic)
17,5mm f0.95
17mm f2.8
17mm f1.8
19mm f2.8
20mm f1.7
25mm f2.4
25mm f0.95
30mm f2.8
35mm T1.4 (SLRMagic)
45mm f1.8
45mm f0.95
45mm f2.8 macro
42.5mm f1.2
60mm f2.8 macro
75mm f1.8

As well as the opportunity to get a few good zoom options which sot less than out f2's such as:
12-35 f2.8
35-100 f2.8

All that, for for many users in m43rds they get access to the 12-60 and 50-200 at the very least, even the 14-35, 35-100, 150mm etc if they want the performance and dont mind the cost and size.

This would be the absolute best case scenario for the committed 43rds lens user as it expands their lens opportunities, but a sacrifice for the OVF crowd.

Now as I own the m9-18, m40-150, 35mm T1,4, m25mm f1.4, 17mm f2.8, 45mm f1.8 and a couple of MF lenses being able to mount them or my 43rds lenses on one body is a real benefit, and at least for me I can live without my OVF (and gain the EVF advantages).

And while I wouldn't want to tell 43rds users what to want or expect, gaining access to these lenses is a real win for the system (while retaining full 43rds lens performance). WHile I agree we need more size for better ergonomics we should also agree that there is rarely a one size fits all here, so we cant please everyone there. Having said that the larger lens owners are the most committed and as polls have shown have a preference for a larger body. Tough one.


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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

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