If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

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Re: If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

There is a lot of rumours about an upcoming full frame Nex camera. Possibly 32mp.

I wonder what that would do to X sales? Perhaps not a lot as it will be an expensive camera no doubt - $2,500 to $3,000 most likely. But it most likely would be in another league IQ wise over the X system no matter how good Xtrans is. Size matters and there is no substitute for full frame sized sensors. Especially if it has millions of PDAF pixels for a DSLR competing AF system.

The good side benefit may be to get Fuji to make one too.

What do you think?

People who want a full frame camera aren't looking at X today.  They'd be shopping for other brands.  The price range, the size, the lens selection are all completely different for full frame vs. APS-C.  If you already knew you wanted full frame, you wouldn't be looking at X today - you'd already would have been shopping elsewhere.  So, I don't think Sony introducing a full frame camera will really affect X sales one way or the other.

Personally I don't think Fuji should dilute their efforts by making a full frame camera.  They'd have to produce an entirely new lens line for the full frame bodies when they haven't even filled out their X lens line yet.  Fuji needs to establish a base of success in the X platform, fill out the lens product line, bring out X-Pro2 and X-E2, solve some of the weaknesses of the X line such as AF speed for action and AF accuracy in low light and then, and only then, should they think about branching out.  As it is today, the X line is a work-in-progress.  It shows promise so far, but still involves a lot of compromises so it is not yet established against the higher performing dSLR world.

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