Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ (SEL-1650) - Review / Test Report

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Re: Troll

telefunk wrote:

A test of the selp1650 on the german site dkamera and it confirmed my experience. They tried this kitlens on the nex 6 and nex 3n: same result as I had: very average sharpness. They mention that a good P&S has better results.

Both nex's have class leading sensors which could resolve much more with a better lens. Also the in-camera jpg sharpening is very conservative.

So, everyone who is so happy with their nex 6 + 1650 lens have never compared their pictures with a good P&S!

Same silly claims, in three different posts?

A good P&S is a JPG camera with boosted colors and sharpening.

The Nex has very neutral colors and sharpening in default mode. This is, so you can post-process the JPG as well. If you don't, you can boost both to get a P&S like result.

Daylight pictures in any camera look good - small sensors can outshine large sensor by simply catching more DOF. But as ISO levels increase, sensors fall off one by one based on their size.

If you only point is to make a Nex+1650 sound worse than a P&S, then you need to bring more than a silly post repeated three times. There have been lively debates from people that read about this lens (and hate it) and people that use this lens (and love it).

Are you a hater or a lover? Or better, have you even bothered to read some of the posts by actual users?

Stop the fodder, please....

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