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Re: I'm NOT with Ray on this one

another Mike,

I agree with you on some and disagree with you on some of your statements and I disagree with you on the fact that difference between the two lenses cannot be detected on a black and white picture shot at f/5:

Color rendition we cannot assess on this BW shot.

Bokeh: there are no out of focus highlights.

But contrast? Contrast is defined as the separation between the darkest and brightest areas of the image.This photograph has areas of black as low as 16 16 16 (black dress) and of white as high as 240 240 240 (face). Since "the older lens packed a bit less global contrast than the new one" why wouldn't the difference be visible?  There is plenty of contrast in this photograph.

Sharpness:  Even at f/5 there is a a difference in the center versus border sharpness between the G and D f/1.4 85mm lenses  and I would not be so sure that at the background distance that would not be visibly different between the two.

Finally, how would "natural light" help see a difference? What kind of natural light are you referring to? Do you mean hard light (direct sun)? or diffuse overcast light?

I think that the real  problem is that we do not have two pictures taken under identical conditions with both lenses, but I do not believe that it is correct to say that one cannot use a  a BW picture taken under these conditions of  lighting to see differences between the renditions of the two lenses?

Your thoughts?

(Uncle Frank,  the subject's hair at the neck level seems is sharper than the eyebrows. Was the plane you focused on  behind the eyes?)

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'The world is going to pieces and people like Adams and Weston are photographing rocks.' Henri Cartier Bresson, in the 1930's

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