If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

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Re: Square format sensors

NJOW wrote:

I'm a fan of the idea of a square sensor too (albeit not knowing how practical it is). It would really make Fuji's offerings stand out form the crowd, when even FF is a bit me too.

With reference to the OP, it read as yet another 'Why aren't Fuji doing FF?" post. There's certainly some danger it becoming one ;-). What did the Sony RX1 do to the X100(s) sales? And should they then do a FF fixed compact version themselves? Seems analogous, although I don't have an answer!


The square format made a lot of sense with Rollei TLRs, Hassselblads, and the like, because it meant that you could use a lightweight folding waist level finder on those cameras and avoid the use of a large, heavy eye level prism. Given that most people crop their photos to a rectangular format, the costs of making larger sensors, and EVFs, a square sensor doesn't make too much sense now - unless you are one of the few people that likes to make square prints.

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