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Hulamike wrote:

Well I get your drift but KitCam allows for live exposure modification via a slider that overrides the touch

It's basically PP. That is, it doesn't allow for directly setting the exposure before taking the shot - all it does is in/decreasing the exposure after taking the shot. There is simply no way to instruct iOS to take a shot with a specific, (in this case, via a slider) dialed-in decreased / increased exposure.

PP also means shadows will become much more noisier when shadow pulling (+EV values) / highlight clipping will be much more prominent when applying negative EV values. It really can't deliver the same quality as pre-shooting exp. compensation - including focusing to a dark /light area before shooting to dial down/up exposure.

I'll very soon publish an article on this - I've already shot some demo images clearly showing this.

auto exposure feature and I believe it is possible to select various shutter speeds in 645Pro MK II but not as easily as with a DSLR Or perhaps a Nokia.

No you can't. If you enable Night Mode in 645 and also let for a longer shutter speed, the camera (not the app!) will choose a shutter speed that still allows for base ISO. You can't force the camera to use a specific shutter speed. All you can do is telling the camera what speed should be the slowest, as opposed to the default 1/15s max.

im really not anti anything but I find so much available in the App Store for iPhone its hard to get excited about hardware. I get that a larger sensor equates to higher IQ when printing 11x14. But as for cleaner files or better color? Dynamic range? I haven't seen any compelling images that are better than iPhone yet. Please point me to some convincing examples.

This is probably because there are some hundreds of thousands of 808's in the hands of users, as opposed to tens of millions of iPhones?

Nevertheless, a recent photo contest was won (as second) by a 808 photo - it was also reported on here on the DPR frontpage.

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