External Hard Drive interface ??

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Re: External Hard Drive interface ??

Terrance Vacha wrote:

Well, I feel out of the loop again. Someone please bring me up to date. Here is the issue:

Last year (only 1 year ago) I bought a new iMac 21.5". I was glad because then I finally had both a firewire 800 port and a Thunderbolt port for external hard drives. Within a few months after that, I had a couple of firewire drives.

Now, since my hard drives, Western Digital and Seagate, keep tanking, I need to buy a new external drive. I could not find even one hard drive in the stores that was other than USB 3.0! I could not find any cord to connect the usb 3.0 drive to my firewire or thunderbolt ports! I do not want to tie up my usb 2.0 ports. I also did not have much luck online.

Was has happened to Firewire 800 and Thunderbolt drives?? Is that technology already gone? The store clerk opened up the drive box and sure enough, only one usb 3.0 port and no other ports.

I think I must be missing something here --

Not sure what you are asking. Go to B&H site and search on "Thunderbolt drives" and you will come up with pages and pages of drives - from small portable to multi-drive enclosures. On-line Apple store has many Thunderbolt options, too.   It all depends on your specific needs and budget. I have same iMac and had no problems finding Thunderbolt externals on-line to fit my needs.

Agree with previous posters that you won't find a lot of Thunderbolt at retail stores.

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