Is the nex-6 better than the samsung nx300. Which is better buy?

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Re: Is the nex-6 better than the samsung nx300. Which is better buy?

Τo be fair the real question is what would you like it for.I own a NEX-5R and played traded it for a month with a friend for an NX300.To be honest i was pleasantly surprised by Samsung which is not held in high regard by traditional photographers/bloggers.

For my shooting style,which is 90% of the time shooting in M mode I did find the i Function quite useful , and the auto-focus on Sammy was noticeably faster than the Sony.That is in normal lightning situations.The screen on the Samsung is considerably better in both color reproduction as well as touch response and the OS is overall faster.

Photography wise I quite like the portability and quality ratio of the Samsung lenses especially their 30mm f2 pancake.Like any mirror-less you can wear any legacy glass if you want more quality at the expense of weight. The most important thing I noticed is the price difference to Sony on the lenses,which can be even 4 times cheaper due to their effort to establish a market.

If i were to choose again I would stick pick my Sony, since I do enjoy high Key photography and the dynamic range of the NEX is exceptional but for any new photographer who is looking to pick up a hobby I would recommend him the Sammy.The price of Sony's lenses is not reasonable especially on easy to use focal lengths like 35mm and 24mm(unless you go for the exceptional sigma 30mm).The overall IQ gain that you get from those premium lenses is not noticeable to the untrained eye or pixel peepers and not all people watch photos by cropping the edges and locating chromatic aberration.

So to sum up if you find them in similar prices I would pick the Sony, if you wanna use it with legacy glass and there is a noticeable price difference go for the Sammy , if you don't wanna invest much in the ecosystem but care for a portable all around solution go for the Samsung, if you wanna get highest quality possible on the most compact body go for the Sony , if you like apps go for the Sony and if you like sports photography go for the fast AF of the Samsung.

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