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Yes, Apple always ships barebones, as-simple-as-possible built-in apps not to alienate technophobes / people not wanting myriads of settings. This is not only true with the stock Camera app, but also with the stock Videos app, which lacks several features the API, otherwise, would allow for - for example, 0.5...2x slowdown / speedup.

Unfortunately, camera programming in iOS via Apple's API's don't help this situation. It's significantly inferior to that of any competing OS, including dead ones like Symbian. There is simply no way of doing anything manually I've listed - and I'm talking of the API accessible to third-party apps.

All in all, Hulamike's referring to the seeming lack of apps on WP8 while iOS has tons of apps is very-very unfounded when it comes to imaging. No matter how many camera apps iOS has, NONE of them is capable of the same (manual settings) than Nokia Camera Pro and NONE will be as of iOS7 either, that is, in the next 13-14 months. Quantity over quality...

I know what I'm talking about: I know both the API and most third-party apps. I'm a pro iOS programmer / lecturer and have published tons of articles on programming the camera under iOS, including iOS7's new API features. I'm also written several iOS photo/video-related articles and will continue to do so (just working on four new ones: Panorama / HDR / low light / action shooting bibles.) See http://www.iphonelife.com/werner.ruotsalainen for my articles if interested.

bigley Ling wrote:

Menneisyys, I think the idea of IOS is to be easy to use. This is the reason for the simplicity in the default IOS camera app. The idea is you do not have to be a rocket scientist to capture an image with the iPhone. So you are correct, IOS 7 and probably all future IOS will not have that flexibility you crave for that you can find in the Nokia 1020.

Hulamike, do not try to validate that the iPhone 3rd party apps can compete against the Nokia Pro camrea app, as it will lose everytime when it comes to manual control feature set. Who needs lossless TIFF for such a tiny sensor. I guarantee you put any IOS camera app image that gives out lossless TIF against the Procamera app with standard JPG, and you will find the iPhone losing everytime. I believe the Nokia pro camera app does support 2 aspect ratio's 4:3 and 16:9.

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