Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

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Re: It's OK to Just Accept That We Don't Know

UCSB wrote:

I've been shooting Canon since the introduction of the EOS system in 1987. In general Canon does not make their plans available to the public until their announcements come out. There really is nothing unusual or sinister about the current situation.

It is OK to just accept that we don't know what they are planning and we will have to wait until there is a leak or announcement.

Personally, I can see it going either way: continued EOS M sales in US or a pull back. I like CSC's and feel there is a real future here for a whole system. On the other hand, I'm a retired VP of Technology and realize that big companies need a rational plan for R&D investments. It is possible that there are just more profitable strategies for Canon to pursue than CSC's ... I really hope that is not the case.

I am enjoying my M and it has been a solid proof of concept for me in terms of a CSC system ... I will stick with Canon if they move forward. But, if they don't I will switch to another system. I hope they tip their hand before the expected great deals coming in the holiday shopping season.

I would welcome more M bodies and lenses, but a new M body won't be $200 and I'm not sure I want to acquire more for a while. Lenses, on the other hand, are always welcome. That's if Canon sticks to reasonable pricing. Frankly, I feel spoiled by the current street prices of the 3 M lenses so far. I would have paid more for them. What I really hope for, is that Canon remains committed to the M format, prompting Sigma and Samyang to introduce more M mount lenses of their own.

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