Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

McGooble wrote:

rip-off artists camera shops. Stick with B&H or at the very least, Amazon.

My reaction to that comment was the same. Let me think for a moment - why would a retailer bad-mouth a camera he doesn't have in stock? A couple of reasons pop to mind and neither involves "insider knowledge" or repair experience!

Now that you mention it, I do think the back/front focus issue that the shop owner talked about was blown way out of proportion. If the D7000 was so laden with problems, it wouldn't have the glowing user reviews that it does. I actually realized that one of my former co-workers owns one, along with a ton of film era lenses that he uses on it, and he speaks very highly of it. Upon thinking about it further, it seems that the few times I've been there they have always really pushed the Pentax gear. I've gone in asking questions about Nikon and they seem to redirect me to Pentax. Perhaps they get more profit from Pentax, since they are a pro dealer for them.

The K5 had issues with low light/low Kelvin focus, which for me were clearly addressed with a firmware update, but others still report problems. The K5II has more clearly addressed the issue with a diffractive optic element and a new AF module that focuses to -3EV and takes full advantage of faster 2.8 lenses.

If you think that the D7000 focus issues are a figment of the imagination of your dealer, then you have not done enough research on the issue. Search the Nikon DX forums and you will find many, many threads and posts on the issue. Of course, some report no issues, but many experienced shooters gave up on the D7000 due to the AF problems, and there are far too many reports of AF problems with that body for all of them to be user error.

I think your dealer may well be doing you a favor based upon his personal experience with returns and problems with the D7000.

While I think Nikon makes good designs, they seem to have slipped badly in the QA department for several years now. They had AF issues on the D7000, left AF issues on the FF bodies, oil splattering on the D600 sensor (this is not a new issue seen on just the D600 by any means), shadow banding on the new D7100 (a design issue that seems to be related to the Toshiba sensor in this camera, not a QA issue, per se), etc.

All of the talk of upgrade paths and more lens choices in the Nikon lineup is true, but for 99% of photographers, it is irrelevant. Unless you plan to "go pro" or have lots of money to spend on those enormously expensive lenses that most non-pros cannot afford and will never buy, you can pretty much shoot any decent body from any maker these days and get good results. All makers also have the normal range of consumer and semi-pro zooms and primes for you to choose from.

At the end of the day, the K5 and D7000 use the basic same sensor, so IQ will be similar. I believe that the K5 is better built and has better ergonomics and weather proofing, but lags the D7000 in flash automation and AF tracking of moving objects, but this is highly dependent upon the lens attached.

For those with less shooting experience, Nikon is probably the safer choice, but I have always appreciated the Pentax emphasis on IQ, excellent ergonomics, built-in shake reduction where all lenses are stabilized, along with a unique prime lens lineup that you will not find in any other brand.

Good luck with your choice.


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