Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Expert Review

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Relative to other Panasonic cameras, it's not hype

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I prefer to have more details any day and do my own smoothing or noise scrubbing if necessary.

It seems that, contrary to the rumor and hype, the IQ of this GX7 is still at the GH3/E-M5/E-P5/E-PL5/E-PM2 level. There is practically speaking no improvement. It may use the same sensor as in the GH3 with different processing.

Agree with all of this. What is more striking in all this hype is that people are raving on a camera that more or less seem to match one that has been out for a year (ie the OMD).

It is certainly an appealing cam (which I'll probably buy), but I doubt one can say the quality of images are the key reason to buy over the OMD/EP5 ( more so its amazing set of features).

The SPECS and the IQ may only match the OMD, but pretty much anyone can tell that the ergonomics of the GX7 will stomp all over it. And since ergonomics are more important at this stage than specs and small differences in IQ, I don't see how you can say that the camera just matches an OM-D. Sure, maybe in the less important areas, the cameras are similar. But in terms of how well it's designed as a shooting camera, it's really not at all close.

Agree - this is the feature set that makes it an outstanding cam as I wrote above. But the image quality, as outstanding as it is, seems to be overdone in all these 'best ever image quality' comments written all over the marketing blurb.

Please no need to get emotional, I like it, and will buy it myself as it ticks most of the boxes coming from a GX1.

Panasonic needed to show that they could make a camera with their own sensor that was competitive with the Sony-sensor Olympuses.   They bit the bullet and bought the Sony sensor (at a higher price than Olympus was paying) for the GH3 because it was a flagship that would sell in low volumes, and they needed it to have a Halo effect on their entire line.  But folks were let down by the G6 and GF6 IQ not making any step forward, when Panasonic's sensors already trailed the entire Olympus lineup, even down to the E-PM2.  Panasonic were already building better shooter's cameras than Olympus, but their sensors were letting them down in comparison.   This GX7 seems finally to have addressed that issue, while really maxing out on the shooting ergonomics.

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