Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Unexpresivecanvas wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Who are these analysts that are anticipating the 70D's sensor will become a new benchmark?

What about this:

"But of course the big story here is Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which in theory seems to offer an almost uncompromised solution for autofocusing in live view and movies. Sure Canon didn’t push the sensor resolution to beat Nikon, nor did it adjust the colour filter array like Fujifilm, nor even dispense with the anti-aliasing filter as many are now doing, but by effectively turning every single pixel into a potential focusing point and turning them back again to capture the image, Canon has delivered one of the most exciting developments in sensor technology for years.

The irony though is while introduced on a traditional DSLR, it's arguably more compelling if implemented on a 100% Live View system like a mirror-less camera. If Canon fitted the EOS M with a Dual Pixel CMOS sensor - which surely it must - then it would transform this much mocked system into one of the most desirable mirror-less cameras around. Imagine having fast and confident AF for stills or movies with no fewer than 103 Canon EF lenses. It's amazing to think a system that was knocked for its autofocus could potentially sport the best around."

This isn't something which would make it a "benchmark". It won't even work in the primary shooting mode - when using the OVF.

For a DSLR, I would rather have an improved image quality.


Are you going to argue that having an ultra-high accurate focusing doesn't help with image quality? At least I believe a new benchmark in focusing technology is about to happen. But also I wait anxiously for the release of the new Pentax aps-c flagship. It may be another breakthrough. according to what Asahi man has suggested and also what the Pentax (or should we say Ricoh?) engineers hinted at last year.

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