Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

Unexpresivecanvas wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Unexpresivecanvas wrote:


But at the same time, Canon will release the 70D which a lot of analyst anticipate it will become the true benchmark for aps-c sized sensors. if your needs are accurate and fast auto-focusing, you better wait for the next generation of Pentax or stay with the 60D. But again, recommending a 60D is asking you to make decisions looking at the past


Who knows, maybe the new Pentax (k-3) willl be a breakthrough. But also the canon 70D is anticipated to be an outstanding camera for those who can't leave aps-c


Who are these analysts that are anticipating the 70D's sensor will become a new benchmark? I've not seen any such talk unless the question is narrowed way down to on-sensor PDAF (which Fujifilm already has). It's rather common knowledge that Canon's APS-C sensors have lagged considerably behind what Nikon and Pentax have been using for 3 years, especially when it comes to dynamic range. Until real test data comes out on the 70D, it would be a mistake IMHO to a believe it will become some kind of new standard.

Jim, do you have proof on the contrary?

What you're doing is called "shifting the burden of proof" and it's a logical fallacy. In such cases, by default I assume the claims were made up on the spot, and thus unsustainable by the author.

Unless, of course, proof follows - do you have any, to assert your claim? Who are those analysts?


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