Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon


I have read the discussion with certain interest and as I have been really busy doing some photography, no time to spare doing  some postings. But i will go very quickly.

Personally I think your decision making process is done looking into the past. Don't base your choices or decisions on what is in the market right now. My advise is wait for the new announcements from Pentax which will make the K5-II  a camera of the past.

But at the same time, Canon will release the 70D which a lot of  analyst anticipate it will become the true benchmark for aps-c sized sensors. if your needs are accurate and fast auto-focusing, you better wait for the next generation of Pentax or stay with the 60D. But again, recommending a 60D is asking you to make decisions looking at the past.

I did a good and sound comparison of prices/specs between Canon and Pentax before I moved into Full Frame and found Canon to be much better value for me. That's why I moved faster than Benjamin Kanarek to dump the k-5 and embrace a full frame system.

Also another problem people don't mention is that you can easily buy a full frame system with a few hundred more dollars than what you will spend with a top of the line aps-c. Since you are not heavily invested in Canon or any other brand, you have plenty of options and you may want to open your mind and broaden your horizons to all the possibilities. But don't rush as the market is about to change with the new announcements and releases. Who knows, maybe the new Pentax (k-3) willl be a breakthrough.  But also the canon 70D is anticipated to be an outstanding camera for those who can't leave aps-c.

Then, I find i may be irresponsible to recommend you to keep looking at the past w/o consideration to what is about to happen or the broaden  possibilities you can unleash by going full frame with a marvelous camera like the Canon 6D and all the line of affordable L and EF lenses from Canon.  I also understand Nikon 600D is an excellent proposition and again, it is only a few hundred dollars away from the top aps-c from any brand.

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