Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon
Now that you mention it, I do think the back/front focus issue that the shop owner talked about was blown way out of proportion. <snip>

I am a dual system owner, and I agree that they were blown out of proportion.  But if you follow the Nikon forums as well, it was a big deal there (maybe bigger than the K5 AF wars here), and every time a new user complains about the D7000 FF/BF issue, another hot war starts up.  My D7000 seems to be just fine, though.  As are my K5's.

It seems to come down to lens selection mostly. I know exactly which lenses I'd get for Nikon, not quite so sure about which ones I'd get for Pentax. I tinkered with the 18-105 lens a few times and really liked it for a all around lens. I'd also get the 35mm 1.8 and possibly a 50mm 1.8D, since they are fairly affordable. I see there's one on craigslist for $65 it might be what I get until I can afford the 35mm. All of them aren't very expensive, but with the additional cost of the body I may have to get just one lens for a bit. For either it would be completely awesome to get a sigma 18-35 1.8, but that's way out of my range for a lens unfortunately. Maybe some day...

Never mind the lenses and bodies you will never buy - what about the ones you will buy, or the ones you truly need?  I bet Pentax has the rough equivalents for each and every one.

I think both cameras would perform to my expectations, but as it has been said look at the upgrade path and it seems Nikon might have the edge. <snip>

*But*...  How much do you really care about the "upgrade path"?  I, for one, would not buy into full frame because of the size of the kit.  The K5 is just barely within my tolerable size/weight range for a carry-around.  The D7000 is bigger, and in general so are its lenses (whch is why the D700 normally stays at home).  Full frame lenses and bodies will add even more size and weight, which I would never want to lug around.  You mention the Nikon 18-105.  It's closest counterpart is the Pentax 18-135.  I have both, and the Nikon is bigger (!).  Which goes into one of Pentax' strengths - compact systems - which you didn't mention, but which myself and many others do care about.  That's part of the reason I left Canon years ago.  The Canon 40D was just way too big/heavy for what is was; the Nikon D80 didn't feel right and its ergos and menus were confusing; the Pentax K10D was just right. 

I'm not totally sold on Nikon, so more comments are welcome. Everyone has been quite helpful, thanks for all the input.

Tough choices.  I would go back to the store, get both cameras in hand, in addition to the lenses you would buy, and compare.  Make sure to really operate both cameras; walk around the store, take pictures, adjust the camera settings.  You may find (like me) the Pentax menus really are better designed (better have the D7000 manual handy), and the button and switch placement are better, too.

Good luck - both are good choices.  But don't let the upgrade path be your main selection criteria if the upgrade path isn't a path you would ever take.  It's like choosing a Mercedes E350 over a BMW 535i because Mercedes has the Maybach upgrade path. 


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