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Re: Panasonic 7-14mm Filter

Albert Ang wrote:

Anders W wrote:

You are welcome. Yes, I know of the shipping-cost problems when buying from the US. But hopefully, Panasonic Australia will give you a reasonable offer.

The local Panasonic spare-part distributor quoted A$33, so it's not that bad.

Sounds like a very reasonable price.

Anders, how do you handle the gel filter? Tweezer?


It looks very fragile and may get fingerprint/dust easily. Also, outdoor, the wind may blow it if I'm not extra careful.

The only "gel" filter (they aren't really made of gel any more) I have so far played with is an old Kodak Wratten 2A (bought used) that I have permanently fitted on my 7-14 (primarily to eliminate the purple flare problem this lens gives rise to on Oly bodies, with reduction of purple fringing as a welcome side effect). It is indeed very sensitive. I have learnt not to try to wipe anything of it, even with lens cleaning paper. That will just scratch it and ruin it completely. If you get a fingerprint in the wrong place, you either live with it or throw the piece of gel away. If you get dust on the filter, try a blower.

I haven't even tried removing and inserting the filter when outdoors. It's something I prefer doing at the kitchen table. But I am sure it's doable with a little practice. I'd try to find some place where I can sit down and where it's not too windy.

On the upside:

As I said, my "gel" filter (which I bought before I even knew whether it would work out as expected) is pretty old judging by the packaging (although I don't know exactly how old). The Kodak Wratten "gel" filters now available (marketed by Tiffen) are claimed to be more resistant to various problems as you can see here:

Once the filter is mounted at the rear, the likelihood that you will harm it is pretty small. The front of the lens is very exposed whereas the rear is not, especially if you take just a little bit of care when handling the lens.

It would be interesting to hear from those who have bought a new gel filter about their experiences when it comes to handling and sensitivity. It would also be interesting to hear from those who have tried switching filters in the field how they do it and how it works out.

As you can see here

Abrak is one of those who have been playing with ND filters in that holder on the 7-14. I asked him a question about how/where he mounted/switched filters but didn't get a reply (yet). Perhaps either of us could send him a PM with a reminder.

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