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Re: Great comparison M vs L

davidge wrote:

AUTO ISO 400 is OK but as you mention that does mean in M size with DR 400% it would not use the EXR trickery if it selected ISO 400.

That is not true with the F70EXR, and (on the basis of only threee months' use and 1,000 exposures so far) I am pretty sure that it is not true with the XF1. I have not used the X10, so I cannot address whether it is true as to the X10.

My understanding is that when an EXR camera is set to M size, hardware DR expansion always is the first option where possible up to DR400, and software DR (under-exposing and push-processing) kicks in on top of hardware DR expansion when the camera is set for DR800 and above. That understanding comports with four years of experience shooting with an F70EXR.

Me, I'm lazy. When the light gets low I simply switch to EXR Auto and let the camera get on with it! I get M size images but it saves a lot of phaffing around.

I agree; I never found any use for EXR Auto on the F70EXR, but, with the XF1, EXR Auto gives me better low-light performance than I get with diddling with settings.

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