Nikon D90 a beginners camera?

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Re: Nikon D90 a beginners camera?

trekkeruss wrote:

Nick Desai wrote:

Hello, I'm thinking about getting a D90 and was wondering is it too complicated for a beginner?

Like most consumer DSLR's, the D90 can be dead simple or as complex as you need. You can place it in full auto mode and let the camera make all the exposure decisions for you; you can place it in program mode and let the camera do most of the work; you can use shutter or aperture priority mode for even more control; or use manual when you know exactly what you need/want.

Also, I've read that it has AF built inside so I don't need to spend extra in the long run for lenses that do have AF.

It has a built-in motor to drive older lenses that do not have AF motors in them. But chances are any lenses you would buy already have a motor, so it is not a factor for most people.

But aren't lenses usually cheaper without the AF motor? Like 'AF' is cheaper compared to 'AF-S'?

It's also labeled a 'DX' camera which I thought was for cameras that didn't have the AF built in.

The DX designation means the camera has an APS-C size sensor. An FX camera, such as the D600 and D4, has the bigger full frame size sensor.

Oh okay thanks!

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