Nikon D90 a beginners camera?

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Leonard Migliore wrote:

Nick Desai wrote:

Hello, I'm thinking about getting a D90 and was wondering is it too complicated for a beginner?
Also, I've read that it has AF built inside so I don't need to spend extra in the long run for lenses that do have AF. It's also labeled a 'DX' camera which I thought was for cameras that didn't have the AF built in. Any help clarifying? Thanks!

A D90 shouldn't be too complicated for a beginner. It may, in fact, be a good choice for someone who wants to learn photography because it has a very good viewfinder and multiple control dials.

Its sensor is somewhat dated in comparison to the latest Nikon offerings but you can get very good pictures out of it; my D300 has the same sensor and it works quite well for big prints.

Now with regard to "AF built inside", that's wrong. What it has is a motor that can drive Nikon AF lenses. Many current Nikon DSLR's don't have this motor, so they only work with AF-S lenses that have motors built in. No Nikons will autofocus with manual focus lenses.

A "DX" Nikon DSLR has a small (16mm X 24mm) sensor. FX Nikons have a 24mm X 36mm sensor. DX cameras can use smaller and cheaper DX lenses. FX cameras have generally superior performance at greater cost. At present, all Nikon FX cameras have AF motors.

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Leonard Migliore

So the D90 only has a motor that can run only Nikon lenses with AF? I thought it was all lenses?

Thanks for the response!

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