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Re: Great comparison M vs L

davidge wrote:

My understanding from reading elsewhere on DPR is that because the M size is ISO 400 DR400%, the 'clever' EXR processing would not be performed in this case (i.e. splitting the sensor to expose highlights and mid/shadows separately then combining to produce the final image) as that only happens when ISO is less that DR. When they are the same (or ISO>DR?) then the same processing happens as for L size DR - i.e. underexposure of the whole frame to preserve highlights with tone curve adjustement to raise the shadows and mids. So in theory the only differences between the two are the overall exposure value and the M size discarding pixels.

Long, long ago, I learned that when it is said that "that works in theory, but not in practice," then the real meaning is that it does not work in theory. I have seen some of those "elsewhere" theory posts on DPR, as you have, and my problem with them is that they completely contradict my experience of four years and 6,000 exposures with a Fujifilm F70EXR, probably 5,500+ of which were shot with the camera set to M size, ISO Auto400, and DR400. Hardware dynamic range expansion was evident in every scene that had strong contrast. I do not know where this myth began that ISO number has to be set lower than DR number for EXR to come into effect for dynamic range headroom.

Extremely high contrast backlit scene, F70EXR set in P mode: ISO set at Auto400, DR set at DR400, EXR dynamic range expansion worked, unquestionabky; this image would not have been possible without it.  Some post processing in Aperture.

Same image as above without post-processing.

Now, it is possible that Fujifilm has changed the "trigger" for EXR to kick in for the XF1, and that EXR works differently on the XF1 than it always has on the F-series EXR cameras. But why would Fujifilm do that, and -- if it did do that -- why would Fujifilm keep it a secret?

Very high contrast scene, XF1 in P mode:  ISO set at Auto400, DR set at DR400.  Although the backs of the fingers are overexposed, it appears that the XF1 used hardware DR expansion.

The M size one looks sharper because the L size one is not in focus or is suffering from camera shake - look at the writing on wine glass or bottle at full size.

Look at the shutter speed.  I took both the M and L shots of the wine glass and bottle handheld,  although my elbow was stabilized by the tabletop.  The M size image was exposed at a shutter speed of about 1/10 second, and the L size image was exposed at a shutter speed of about 1/3 second (0.32258 second, to be exact)..  Yes, there was some camera shake at 1/3 second, even with the XF1's excellent optical image stabilization.

This EXR stuff can be damn confusing!

It was so much simpler before DPReview fora got involved.

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