Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

McGooble wrote:

Now that you mention it, I do think the back/front focus issue that the shop owner talked about was blown way out of proportion. If the D7000 was so laden with problems, it wouldn't have the glowing user reviews that it does. I actually realized that one of my former co-workers owns one, along with a ton of film era lenses that he uses on it, and he speaks very highly of it. Upon thinking about it further, it seems that the few times I've been there they have always really pushed the Pentax gear. I've gone in asking questions about Nikon and they seem to redirect me to Pentax. Perhaps they get more profit from Pentax, since they are a pro dealer for them.

To reflect klavrack's thoughts, I am indeed more conflicted than when I started. I was thinking due to price of body alone I'd go with Pentax, but now I'm leaning more towards Nikon. I have several friends/family that have Nikon gear, so it would be nice to have the option of borrowing from them.

It seems to come down to lens selection mostly. I know exactly which lenses I'd get for Nikon, not quite so sure about which ones I'd get for Pentax. I tinkered with the 18-105 lens a few times and really liked it for a all around lens. I'd also get the 35mm 1.8 and possibly a 50mm 1.8D, since they are fairly affordable. I see there's one on craigslist for $65 it might be what I get until I can afford the 35mm. All of them aren't very expensive, but with the additional cost of the body I may have to get just one lens for a bit. For either it would be completely awesome to get a sigma 18-35 1.8, but that's way out of my range for a lens unfortunately. Maybe some day...

I think both cameras would perform to my expectations, but as it has been said look at the upgrade path and it seems Nikon might have the edge. Of course ask me tomorrow and I might reverse my leanings There are so many great things about each choice.

I'm not totally sold on Nikon, so more comments are welcome. Everyone has been quite helpful, thanks for all the input.

Tony, you're doing a good job processing your decision.  One thing to think about -- upgrade path to FF.  Of the lenses you talk about, only one is going to be useful on a FF body (the 50/1.8).  Of course you already know that Nikon doesn't put stabilization into their prime lenses until you get into the telephoto range but you don't seem to be driven by those types of lenses.  Pentax shines in the wide to normal prime range as everything is stabilized and, by comparison, their seemingly slightly slower primes are in effect much faster than those non-IS Nikkors.

And this now comes to the real top-down view of the market (IMHO)... Canon and Nikon are famous for their telephoto prime lenses and it's a big reason why they totally dominate the sports and wildlife end of the professional market.  This is what they have built their franchises around and the halo effect permeates all the way down to their strictly consumer offerings.  But does that make the Nikkor 18-105, which obviously is not a telephoto prime, better than the Pentax 18-135?  Certainly not though they are similar in price.

Sorry to give you more to think about

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