Still No Consensus on D7100 noise

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Re: My High ISO test

Ehm, i found "not photoshoppers" who left the 7100 pictures so out of the camera.. and.. in sunny daylight in shadows you can find very tiny sparkles noise already in shades..

The 7100 pictures from photoshoppers did not contain noise, that was the confusion with my reaction before this post.

I discovered d7100 noise in iso pictures from iso 110...

Car pictures in the sun, underneath the car was shade and red dot noise.

A female tennisplayer, in the sun, the innerside of her black sportshorts.. iso 100 or so... red dot noise..

And yeah still i'm a pixel peeper. I even confirm the dots with a magnifying glass after i saw them without magnifying glass.

I saw magnificent pictures from the d7100..period, especially with 24-70 2.8. But now i'm wondering "were they using a noise reduction software?"... because all of the "not so wel gifted" d7100 users had noise in their shades beacuse they were not photoshopping..

Let me make this clear: I'm very sorry to see the noise. The rest of the pictures are wonderfull.

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