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Re: (Galaxy S4/iPhone 5) vs (Nokia 808, 1020)

Si14 wrote:

Alupang wrote:

Si14 wrote:

Anyways, I am wondering how much is the IQ difference between Nokia 808, 1020 and the SG4 and iPhone 5?

That's an easy question to answer: About five times better image quality because Nokia sensors are about 5 times larger.

This isn't rocket science. The size of the sensor is directly related to image quality. Period.

Don't believe me? OK fine. Read this please:


I have already read that article.

Do you have photo comparison?

Based on the following photo comparison, you can see here that the difference is not that much significant. If you have a photo comparison that shows the difference in action, that would be interesting to see.


the difference between S4/IP5 and 808/N8/1020 is literally night and day, if you are interested in good photography just don't bother with small sensors, and if you need good ecosystem just buy a cheapo Android tablet for $50 and bring it along


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