Mirrorless is DYING! We've GOT to SAVE IT!

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Re: Mirrorless is DYING! We've GOT to SAVE IT!

Mikhail Tal wrote:


This is bad! REAL BAD! To recap:

1. Canon withdraws EOS M from US market, won't release new lens in US

2. Less than 11k mirrorless cameras shipped to US in June

3. Panasonic won't release black GX7 (its flagship camera) in US

4. Nikon reduces Nikon 1 sales forecasts in US due to lack of growth

5. Oly - OLY! - shipped 12% fewer cameras in Q1, below expectations

I repeat: THIS IS REALLY BAD! WE'VE GOT TO STOP IT! Everyone needs to a) buy every mirrorless camera and lens they can afford, b) shout to the heavens on DPR and other forums about how much better mirrorless is than DSLRs and compacts, and c) send tweets and facebook posts to all the mirrorless companies begging them to make more stuff and promising it will get sold. THIS IS OUR ONLY CHANCE OR ELSE WE'LL HAVE TO MOVE TO JAPAN TO GET MIRRORLESS GEAR! DON'T BLOW IT!

This is hysterical over-reaction. My first SLR was a Nikkormat, bought in 1968; I used it for 25 years, and only stopped then because I lost it from unhappily having checked it, and it was stolen from the baggage area. (I got a Minolta replacement for a few years, before going digital with the D100).

Digital was not-quite-there at first. My D100 was replaced by a D200, and that by a D700. I would happily have used that forever, but it got a bit distressed by a trip to Turkey, and I opted to sell it to KEH and get a D800. I have little doubt that I'll use that for the rest of my life. Note: I also just picked up a Canon EOS M at "fire-sale" price, and will happily use that when I don't want to schlep a lot of gear.

Buy a good camera now -- whatever you like. You can probably use it for the rest of your life. Yes, that is not a good "business" situation for the camera makers. Tough.

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