5-axis IBIS in a P&S

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Re: 5-axis IBIS in a P&S

By the way, what does this rotational compensation deal with any movements of the rotational axis? The camera holder is not obliged to rotate around the centre of the sensor, or even around a point within the sensor's boundaries. Is this axis position shift dealt with by the shifting parts of the IS?

It may help to know that there is a mathematical theorem that rotation (of a plane) about any axis can be accomplished by rotation about any OTHER axis, plus a translation. E.g., you can always rotate about the sensor's center and add a shift to cover rotation about non-sensor axis.

You probably didn't mean it, but "movements of the rotational axis" suggests actual movement of the axis, rather than rotation about an axis that is not aligned with the sensor center. I doubt it is necessary to do this, and it would take a series of sensor readings, not just instantaneous ones, to "predict" the movement of the axis. That's "second order correction." Again, I think dubious as implemented, and dubious it'd get you noticeably better correction.

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