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Wellington100 wrote:

There was a touch of underexposing on my images I noticed. Please don't treat these posted images as factually accurate for comparison purposes, I have never tried the direct comparison game before and I don't know the rules, I tweaked them by eye in a very imprecise PP tool.

Pardon my jumping into your thread.

I, too, have been playing around with the XF1, as you know, trying to learn its quirks and foibles, still at it, about 14 weeks after acquiring it.  Here is an untweaked comparison of, essentially, Kim and Dave settings of a quiet evening on our back porch earlier this week, with the chicken legs on the Weber, and nothing to do but wait.  Like you, I have the P mode set pretty close to Kim standards:  M size, ISO Auto400, DR400, Auto White Balance, Provia.  Here is the shot straight out of the camera; in order to avoid its being "touched" by Aperture, the image, shot in portrait orientation, is unrotated:

Unretouched OOC Jpeg from XF1

The C1 mode follows Dave's settings pretty closely, but I do not use the -1/3 EV or the tracking focus; but I did shoot it in RAW+JPEG, Aperture priority, L size, ISO200, DR200, Auto White Balance, Astia.  The JPEG half looked like this, straight OOC:

Unretouched JPEG from RAW+JPEG pair, XF1.

Finally, I took the RAW half of the above pair, and processed it in Silkypix EX.  I had to make choices in order to process in Silkypix EX, and I did not have either of the JPEGs above on-screen for comparison; I chose the Silkypix EX parameters down the line, top to bottom, to seek the most "natural" image (e.g., no V2 color selection here!), which impelled me to make -2/3 EV exposure compensation for the reflection off the vinyl table cover in the right foreground.  Silkypix EX auto-rotated the picture for me, so it is in the portrait orientation in which I composed it.  It came out like this:

Silkypix EX JPEG from "naturally" processed RAW of the same shutter press as the second of the two shots above.

Make of these what you will.

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