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Re: Mean Spirited Voting

shutterbug98 wrote:

Fine. I surrender any point I was trying to make. (By this time; I'me doing my best to erase from my mind this entire thread.)

Since the OP seems to now be fine with the situation, and his issue seems to be resolved to his satisfaction, can we plunge a dagger into this vampire of a thread . .. the thread that apparently will not otherwise die . . . and let this matter go? If the OP's question has been answered, can we agree to not turn this into a bashing of Conan's hosting, a speculation as to my future in politics, or anything else? All fascinating subjects, I'm sure; and well-worthy (not!) of their own separate threads.

To quote the wise cmantx, above (channeling the late R. King), "Can't we all just get along?"

[And since I know that humor does not translate well on forum posts; I'll be clear . . . the above was written almost entirely tongue-in-cheek, and should not be taken too seriously. By anyone!]

Maybe if this forum ever gets enough activity to warrent a moderator you could be our moderator an end threads when you grow weary of them. In the meantime can't you just stop reading the posts and politely say you can't be bothered. any more with this crap.

Uh, Tim, isn't that excactly what the guy DID do? He said he could not be bothered any more, and he did that with humor and with no personal insults. I'm not really sure why your criticizing him for doing what you yourself are suggesting he do. Or, were you indicating that you found his post impolite? I don't see anything in the post that comes close to that, but i guess its possible that you see something there that I am missing.

You have the skills to do that. I don't get the point. Is this thread using up a quota of posts that could be put to better use?

I will speak only for myself and not for SM. But, in general, if everyone agrees that an Orig. Poster's problem has been resolved, why not stop the thread? If anyone wants to make other points, then that is a perfect time to start a brand new thread, and any of those new points can be raised. I, personally, find it much easier to follow 3 threads of 20 posts each than to read through 1 thread of 60 posts. And this is especially true when the 'theme' of a thread evolves (devolves?) into stuff unrelated to the original point.

Why does does it matter if it goes on or not and why do you care so much? You can drop out at any point, but it would look better if you didn't shoot and scoot. Even if the dust has settled on the original purpose why can 't someone take advantage of an opportunity to make a good point, like I am doing right now. I agree it has reached the end of it's useful life and I for one was done with it until you came along and chastised the rest of us like you were our father or something.

Gee, is is possible that your overreacting a bit? What you did in your most recent post was to make a good point. (To use your own words). Well, wasn't that exactly what SM did? Surely suggesting that a thread has outlived it's useful life is just as legitimate a point to make. Why allow yourself the right to make 'good points' and deny SM the right to do the same? (Or, to criticize him for making it, which is sort of the same thing.)

So, on that note let's just it die in peace with me having the last word. Your attempt to soften your words didn't work for me I guess. I heard you the first time.


Having seen SM's particpation in this forum and his hosting, I think he'd be an excellent moderator. Having seen your posts, I think you'd also be an excellent moderator. I suspect that your being sarcastic above with your suggestion, but having a host or two here would not be the worst idea in the world, although it might not be necessary. It does not seem like threads ever get too extreme in this forum, and maybe that is why DPreview does not want any moderators.

(Finally, you have to admit that the idea of a thread here as an undead creature that will not die is at least sort of funny. You'll at least give SM credit for a tiny bit of humor, rigth?)

shutterbug98 I don't remember seeing you around here before, I suspect that is only because my memory is not so good anymore. At any rate it is refreshing to hear from a fresh voice. I hope you come back often and contribute to helping bring this forum back to life. It certainly needs some help.

I promise I will give your comments about my previous post proper consideration and thanks for caring. I think we all have better things to do than to bicker about this particular subject, so I hope you don't mind if I don't give you a point by point response. Sm was correct that the thread was at least on it's last legs, but there were others involved besides him that may not have shared his opinion. I did, but I did not appreciate his attempt to thrust his opinion on the rest of us, when all he had to do was drop out and go on to bigger and better things. and besides, so what?

I said my piece and if sm wants to respond, I have no doubt he will be more courteous to me than I was to him. And I will try to respond in kind. You are right. I probably did over react. And I agree he would get my vote for moderator.

I hope to see you around here more often.


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