OS 10.8 Mountain Lion - converting documents made in Appleworks to Pages

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Re: OS 10.8 Mountain Lion - converting documents made in Appleworks to Pages

Quicksy wrote:

I've just bought a new iMac with Mountain Lion and like other correspondents, was very frustrated that DataVIz have stopped producing conversion software. However, I have discovered that Pages from iWork '09 will open .cwk documents if you either right click and select 'open with' and Pages or, from within Pages, go to open, then save the document (which puts it into Pages format).

It's typical of Apple not to provide a clear pathway to upgrade our documents, not to provide any instructions and and perhaps to stop other companies providing conversion software when they've suddenly decided a particular format is no longer current.

The clear pathway was offered with the release of Pages in 2005 which can open and convert AppleWorks documents for the version AW 6, which itself was released in the year 2000. Anybody who saw the release of Pages (or Keynote or Numbers/iWorks) and expected any updates or an indefinite ability to run under OS X can at best be called to be very naive.

What is happening here is that people knew fair well that Pages and iWork meant the end for AW and that they had to convert their documents if they wanted to be sure to still being able to access them in the future. But then they put it off and forgot/repressed it. And then they made a second mistake by not doing their due diligence before moving to a new version of the OS.

And how is this typical Apple? Other software vendors still ensure that all files of any versions of any software they ever sold can still be opened by their current software products? Take for example Pagemaker which received its last major update in 2001 and received its last in 2004, the same year AppleWorks received its last update. InDesign can open Pagemaker documents but only of version 6 or 7. On Macs, Pagemaker stopped running many years ago. Under Windows it still runs but there are a number of gotchas (and this is not thanks to Adobe, they haven't change a bit on it since 2004, but rather partly by luck that nothing essential in Pagemaker relies on something no longer present in Windows.

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