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bigley Ling wrote:

Alupang, I will wait for the features I desire in the 1020 before getting one. For instance, for a "pro" camera app to be pro, it really needs setting that pros can use, like sharpness adjustment, and saturation. I basically want the image to be at least the same as my 808 in terms of color, saturation, and sharpness. As I have mentioned in other posts, I do not mind even if it took 6 seconds between shots, if the pixel interpolation could be improved to match that of the 808.

Since I only work with full resolution files, I prefer to use a PC to do all my post processing. I have Photoshop (never use anymore) and freeware Irfanview.

If I was really into apps I suppose I would just fire up my Photoshop. I think it's what most pros use, right? Meh; Irfanview is fine for me.

Bottom line is I think the Lumia 1020 can come very close to Nokia 808 if you PP the 41MP JPGs with a computer. Consider I shoot my 808 @ Vivid +1 saturation, so I like the 1020's punchy colors.

Plus I'm very confident the Lumia 1020 cam app will be updated again and again over time. It's already been updated to include bracketing. Sharpness and saturation settings are next.

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