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Lloydy wrote:

... Good to see someone do some comparison images between the two settings.

I have never had the C setting before and its so easy to set both your and Kim's settings permanently now as baselines, that its crazy not to.

I know which I prefer, but then I am biased

I am probably not going to get into the middle of this, you and Kim are the Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali of Fuji compact camera settings, heh heh heh.

However, I still reiterate the point that no 'one size suits all' and it is best to experiment to obtain the settings which suit your style. For me, and for the XF1, it is :

Program (P) mode, large (L) size, 4:3, Fine, Raw+Jpeg, DR 200%, ISO 800 (Auto), Astia, Highlight Tone - Medium Soft, Shadow Tone - Medium Soft, Noise Reduction - Medium Low, minus 0.33 EV, Photometry - Average, AF Tracking.

The key points in the above are L size, DR 200% and AF Tracking. These alone make a huge difference to the image output in terms of image detail, highlight preservation, shadow preservation and focus speed. The others simply equate (mostly) to the desired colour output.

I see.

For my other Fuji's, the key elements of L size, DR 200% and AF Tracking are all still the 'must have' priorities but items such as FS setting, NR setting, sharpness, etc., etc., are all simply pertinent to the particular camera.

It is silly to assume that all EXR sensor/processor cameras are the same, as they are not. Whether it be my F200 EXR, HS30 EXR, HS50 EXR, X-E1 (EXR) or the XF1 (EXR), they all require slightly different permutations of the above to produce the best images.

That makes sense, especially now that the cameras are so much more feature rich than they used to be in terms of settings options. There is probably three times as much that can be set to tweak the jpegs on this camera than on my F300

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Cheers, Dave

When you process your images, do you process the RAW or the jpeg? I am assuming it is the jpeg, otherwise why use all those settings in the 1st place. This being the case, why do you shoot a RAW file as well?


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