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CAcreeks wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Here's a link to a screen shot I just took for another thread:

Very nice looking Home and Reload icons. Hopefully the Back and Forward icons are a nice blue.

I haven't changed anything related to Firefox appearance. That's just the defaults.

Note that I do use the "Elegance" theme with Linux distros (using a KDE desktop). Mepis (the linux distro I stick with for day to day use) defaults to the Elegance Theme. But, you can install and use it with other KDE based distros, too.

For example, here's an old thread showing how I customize other KDE based distros like Kubuntu so that they're using the same Elegance Theme that Mepis uses by default.

I am using StrataM 4 1.07, but the download button doesn't work.
I hate the default monochrome look "pioneered" by Chrome, ironically named if there ever was irony. Too bad Firefox default adopted the monochrome Chrome.

Well good for you... I prefer keyboard shortcuts to the mouse.

I tend to lean back in a chair in my office with my desktop, or lean back in a recliner while web browsing using a laptop in our Den; and I don't want to bother reaching for my keyboard unless I need to actually type something (responding to forum posts, etc.).

So, having those kinds of features (zooming in and out, turning colors on/off, etc.) available with a mouse click from my wireless mouse makes that easier.

It's not like it's a lot of trouble to install and customize extensions like PrefBar and NoSquint. I could probably install and setup both of them to taste with the buttons arranged as desired on my Firefox Toolbars in about 5 minutes.

Not a big deal (and you wouldn't have to use their features if you prefer keyboard shortcuts and digging through menus, instead of just clicking on options with your mouse).

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