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Some shots taken with different settings

Now that I know how to set the memory modes, I set Dave's settings to C2 and left Kim's settings in P mode which is my default

I looked for contrasty conditions to give the DR a workout hence the sun and shadow in each image. I lifted the shadows in PP a bit too much to try to see what happened with noise

All in all Daves setting is slightly warmer with some colours, that would be the Astia setting

Personally I find that both settings do the job for me. I know I am not a discerning critic of images. I know what my final output size is and I know that both settings deliver for me.

I am reproducing the jpegs from Daves settings. The RAW is a whole other story and needs more work than I can do with iPhoto, my default crappy PP software. I am not a RAW person, for my needs its just a pain.

I question whether its necessary to set -1/3 RV with this camera for jpegs. With both settings my histograms were pushed to the left on all of the images and I tweaked them to brighten them back up. I think that this camera may be able to be safely shot at 0EV in bright contrasty light but perhaps I need some brighter light than the UK has available to really know for sure.

However if you shoot RAW you definitely need to use the - EV because the DR benefits are gone. Dave minimises the difference between the jpeg and the RAW exposure by using DR200. In my case its easy, I would expose for the jpeg.

The first image in the pair is Kim's setting and the second is Dave's setting.

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