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Malch is correct - you'd be much better off using your own domain name.

I think it costs about $12/year to have a private domain name. This means you own the name - but that's all. You still have to have it hosted someplace. Once you get it established with a host you can leave it there forever, or move it to a different host whenever you want.

Note that a domain name lets you have your own website address, and also your own email address.  This is a much more professional approach than using or as your email address.

Hosting fees are different from, and independent of, domain name fees. Any web host will quote you prices for both. I think a typical hosting price is around $100/year or so - it varies a fair amount by host. Hosting fees will include support for email as well.

If you file a Schdeule C tax form you can deduct the host & domain name charges as a business expense (advertising.)

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