Why is printing the de facto standard?

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Good Day, Sir.

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(1) Prints carry more detail than digital display, ). View a gallery print at the same size, provided you shot it right, and you could see three times the detail.

While this is true, very few of us will ever take more than a handful of photographs worthy of gallery print $, if any.

Speak for yourself. Other people might be more into it / better at it than you are. Or they might aspire to being able to shoot gorgeous big prints. Why don't you aspire to it?

I may have two out of 70,000 clicks in the last 10 years. I was recently talked into a special deal of $39 for a 16X20 canvas print from CanvasOnDemand. After looking through about 20,000 pictures, I was only able to find 4 that I would ever pay $39 to have printed. I have thousands that are worth, to me, the $1.42 Sam's charges for 8x10.

So, what's your argument? That you shoot a lot but don't get good quality? That you find prints too expensive? What?

And let's talk more about those $1.42 8" x 10" prints, which might just be the ticket.

If I look at an 8" x 10" photograph on an ordinary 96 pixel-per-inch computer monitor (i.e., anything that isn't a 2012 MacBook Pro or a Chromebook Pixel), I'm looking at a 768 x 960 pixel image, or 754,560 pixels. If I look at an 8" x 10" print at 300 dots-per-inch (the standard), I'm looking at 2400 x 3000 dot image, or 7,200,000 dots. That's nearly ten times the pixels in the same area--an obvious quality difference in the relatively close arm's-length distance you'd view an 8" x 10".

And you didn't refute the colorspace or reflected vs. projected light arguments.

So, you just kind of--eh, not really--refuted one of six arguments. What else ya got?

Has the Gentleman ever realized that his posts come over as quite arrogant - or is he too arrogant to care?

The Gentleman doesn't give a flip.   He suspects many of his conversational peers are unable to refute his facts and rhetoric; and, if so, he encourages them to reconsider the inaccurate preconceptions and unfortunate assumptions that place them in such a regrettable position.

Until then: I said "GOOD DAY," sir.

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