Full Wimberley or Sidekick?

Started Aug 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
Neil Schofield Contributing Member • Posts: 546
Re: Full Wimberley or Sidekick?

I have a full wimberley and whilst I haven't used a side kick, I have used a side kick style in the past

I would certainly point you in the direction of the full wimberley for two reasons, its easier/safer to put the body and lens on and tighten, because you are resting it vertically on the plate, and secondly, I believe it to be more stable

Should you go longer or heavier at some stage in the future then a full wimberley would be useful/required

I would also recommed you consider  a RRS lens foot, my 600mm certainly balances better on the wimberley with it

Don't scimp here

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