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John339 wrote:

I just ordered a Nokia 808 PureView and yes there is a Nokia app store.

Hey congrats you will love it. I really like mine...in fact I own 2 Nokia 808s. One is brand new back up because I know there won't be a better phone made for years to come. Nokia 808 is that good.


There also is a forum and different aps for the Symbian operating system.


I'm not that into software...I just use an excellent free PC program "Irfanview" that does fine degree rotations, crops, auto color/levels, etc. It's simple, fast and best of all, totally free. It has tons of silly plug-in filters too of course--but I got over that childish phase of photography long long ago. I'll never understand the obsession some people have over apps---it's just software you know. Dime a dozen to me.

Most of the time I just crop a little and adjust rotation, then resize and unsharp mask. The Nokia 808 JPGs are usually just fine---no need to hide flaws with crazy filters or anything.

I picked it for the sensor size and have looked at many shots taken with it and other phone/ cameras.

Yes of course, it's all about sensor size and lens quality. The Nokia 808 has both of these qualities--best camera in any phone. The Lumia 1020 cam isn't quite as good (sensor is a little smaller)  but it has other really cool features like a larger higher res screen for better web experience. Tough choice. I call it a draw overall.

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