Before I sell my GR....

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Re: Before I sell my GR....

Take the GR for technical quality for use when that is the priority. Add to it a Fuji X10 or X20 for situations where you need the flexibility of a zoom, as you will in travelling in a group, often unable to walk around for the best composition prime-shooting-style. (And you should take a backup camera anyway.) They are small and light, and have optical viewfinders. I would also get the EVF option for the GR - nothing is more frustrating than trying to compose with an LCD on a sunny day. (Or, in my case, any day, as I have to remove my glasses to see what's on the screen.) I don't think you need more extreme tele on a trip like this - or at least not enough to justify adding to the weight and bulk. Take spare batteries for both cams.

Don't forget your plug adapter. And don't leave behind SD cards containing a week's photographs in a Rome hotel, which is what I did last October.

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