best point and shoot camera for macro photography

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Re: best point and shoot camera for macro photography

Kaberi Kar Gupta wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am planning to buy a new point and shoot camera for macro photography. I have a coolpix s52 and I do a lot of flower photography with that. I am quite happy but would like to improve upon that. I am wondering which one would be better within USD300 range. I was considering nikon p300 for its compactness and capability as well as price. But not sure now. Is there any other recommendations? I really appreciate it. Lost in the choice of cameras:)


Well, I had come from the Fujifilm finepix xp20, It was a very good camera, and it took the best macro! The only reason it broke is because...  One day I see bunch of fish, all defending their nests, the water was clear so I decided it would be cool to film that.  Securing the lock, I put it in a safe place by the nests,  I then move a distance away to let the fish go back to their nests.  After a few minutes I started to see a lot of bubbles from my camera, I filmed my own death...  The fish had took my camera as a threat and attacked my camera making it pop open!  But I am now looking at Nikon aw110, People say it is good and takes great macro of just 1cm?  That's pretty cool, and I found it pretty cheap at

Hope this helped.  

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