Flipbac G4 Grip for Eos M

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Re: One point of thought

if you looking B&H link from original post — on 3rd image you can see an empty era on the centre on the grip. this area supposed to fit an original grip on S100 and other cameras. this make the extra tape on the holes from original grip much more sense.

dottore wrote:

Yes, the tape is superfluous. However (looking at the OP photos) there is sufficient margin outside of the tape to provide a continuous path min. 2-3mm wide (considerably wider on left and right) in direct contact between the grip adhesive and aluminum EOS-M body surface. Most of the area covered by the tape is recessed, and it would not be in contact with the adhesive, tape or no tape. The center of the grip is also recessed (void) and not designed to adhere to anything. Keep in mind that in this application (not an industrial, harsh environment, no direct exposure to chemicals) around 1mm wide path around the grip would be sufficient to assure very strong adhesion. I would not worry about it at all.

rjjr wrote:

AdamT wrote:

Fine but not when a good area of it is relying on a bit of scotch tape to attach to the body as is the case in the OP - that was my point - leave off the scotch tape and let the grip do the sealing

I was thinking the same thing...to me the tape seems to be superfluous.

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