How many cameras and lenses since the D300

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Re: How many cameras and lenses since the D300

Nikonicon wrote:

yray wrote:

Since D300 I've added a bunch of cameras: 700, 7000, and a used 3s. Still have a fully functional D200, and recently acquired a used Fuji S5 Pro, the latter mainly out of curiosity. Just as Kerry said, 7000 is the one I have the most doubts about. But in general, 300 and 700 are the most versatile, and the best bang for the buck overall, especially now, when used ones are so relatively inexpensive.They get the most use, and I'm not going to retire them any time soon. All others are niche cameras in one way or another, for most of my use at least, though 3s is certainly a stand out. I'm done with the camera purchases for the foreseeable future, D600 and D800 won't get me much further for my shooting style, and even D400, as curious as I'm about it, probably won't entice me, as I can see getting the shots I want with some other camera in my bag.

As for lenses, I probably get the most use out of Sigmas, 100-300 f/4 and 120-300 f/2.8 often with Sigma 1.4x TC for sports, and out of 70-200 VRI Nikkor for concerts/events, although when I travel, all of these stay home, too big, too heavy.

My soft spot for lenses though is the old manual focus Ai/S Nikkors. I think they create a certain kind of rendering not replicable with the newer lenses.

Thanks yray

You sure have done a lot since that D300.I'm interested in your use of those 300mm Sigma with 1.4 TC.I've used a Nikon 70-200 VR1 with a kenko 1.4 and I am very dissatisfied,maybe it would do better with the genuine Nikon tc.I do sports in daylight so I might have a look at them.



I'll post some Sigma samples for you tonight when I get home (US time). I'm pleased with both Sigmas overall on all of D300,700, and 3s. I also have Kenko 1.4x TC, but I don't use it with Sigmas, I think Sigma lenses work better with Sigma TCs. I don't have Nikon 1.4x TC as Sigma 100-300 is pretty much what 70-200 with 1.4 TC would be. I find this Sigma approximately as sharp as the Nikkor for longer distances used for sports, though for close and portrait distances Nikkor is definitely the better lens. Just as Kerry said, 2x TCs are probably not worth it. I have Sigma 2x TC as well, and I almost never use it as, unlike with 1.4 TC, I can clearly see quality degradation. One 2x TCs I do use sometimes is the old Nikon TC-301 which works quite well with my old manual focus 400mm f/3.5, but, being MF, it obviously works best for subjects that don't move too quickly or erratically, though it provides me with 800mm which could be exciting sometimes.

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