5-axis IBIS in a P&S

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Re: 5-axis IBIS in a P&S

One thing to keep in mind, the smaller the camera, the less optical image stabalization can help. This is, actually, to a degree a handicap for m4/3. Granted, I don't really know of any IBIS on larger formats...but larger formats COULD have better IBIS because of their size.

If the E-M5 has, (making something up) 5mm of sensor shift to compensate for shake, a FF sensor might be able to have more because of the larger sensor size combined with a bigger image circle to start with. So if you are trembling around and would be reaching the limits of the sensor shift, FF IBIS might be able to compensate further. Something like a P&S with its tiny sensor, likely isn't going to be able to shift much at all, limiting its utility.

Same with in lens, though in lens you could conceivable have the elements shift as much as you want if you design the thing however you want...though I am sure there is some kind of upward bound where you couldn't design the optical system to have the elements shift anymore and have even remotely a practical design.

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